Who are the service providers?

Service providers are FAR Part 145 service centers located throughout the U.S. and Canada. You as the aircraft operator will be contacted directly by the service provider once your request has been posted.

Will I be contacted directly?

Yes, service providers will contact you directly as a confirmation of your request. Service providers have entered into an agreement that prohibits them from being a nuisance. We strongly recommend scheduling aircraft viewings for interior and avionics requests.

What does it cost me to post my request?


How many quotes can I expect to receive?

At least three. The number of responses will depend greatly on schedule requirements and the location of the aircraft. When posting your requests, we ask that you allow a minimum of 5 business days for responses.

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Who are the service providers?

You can be assured that all service providers are FAR part 145 service centers. In most cases, you can expect that you will be competing with the same organizations you currently compete against.

Who decides which service provider is awarded the work?

The aircraft owner.

How long has the site been operational?

The site was launched in January, 2000.

How do I become a service provider?

You can request a subscriber package by filling out the online form or you can also reach us by phone at 864.268.7784.

What do I get as a service provider?

You get email notifications of new listings. Upon review of the listings, you have the option to purchase the contact information. By purchasing the contact information, you are able to deal directly with the requestor. If you decide to bid the job, you agree to pay AvQuotes a finder's fee if you are successful in your bid.

What types of aircraft are posted on the site?

All aircraft types.

Why would I want to compete with 50 other service providers?

We don't expect 50 service providers to bid every opportunity. We actually expect that if you are bidding because of an AvQuotes listing, it is because you didn't know the opportunity existed. You should understand that AvQuotes was not intended to replace your traditional marketing efforts, but to fill the gaps and provide you market opportunities that you may have otherwise missed.

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